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CATCA recognizes that convention is situated on Treaty 7, South of Red Deer River, the traditional territory of the Blackfoot, Tsuu T’ina, and Stoney Nakoda peoples, and that the North of Red Deer River Treaty 6, traditional Métis, Cree, and Saulteaux territory. We honour the First Peoples who have lived here since time immemorial, and we give thanks for the land.

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Thursday, February 23

9:00am MST

Mini canvases- Acrylic LandscapesFULL Red Deer Polytechnic-913AChristina Dixon Innovative Assessment for Middle School Red Deer Polytechnic-1328Paul Bohnert Using Schoology in Your Classroom Red Deer Polytechnic-1408Suzanne Annable Therapeutic Play: Fostering Play With a Purpose Red Deer Polytechnic-2501Bradon Pihowich Engaging Students Through a Restorative Approach Red Deer Polytechnic-2301Caroline Gosling Questions School Leaders Ask Teacher Employment Services Red Deer Polytechnic-2601Christien Perrault Embrace Nature: Weaving the Outdoors into School Experiences Red Deer Polytechnic-2505Christine Vokins Mental health is wealth - Don't let your thoughts control you. Red Deer Polytechnic-1303Jessica Derksen Transform Your Stress - The Resilience Advantage Red Deer Polytechnic-2600Rania Page • Denise C Fredeen EdCamp:Film Studies Red Deer Polytechnic-1205Daniel Mills Develop – and Trust! – Your intuition Red Deer Polytechnic-2206Tina Thrussell Self Care and Reconciliation Red Deer Polytechnic-Art Centre Main StageRichard Van Camp Teaching the New Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum Without Breaking a Sweat (JK, You’ll be Sweating!) Red Deer Polytechnic-2208Ever Active Schools Let's Clear the Air Red Deer Polytechnic-2303Dorothy Wigmore • Dr. Joe Vipond • John Oudyk • Dr. Malgorzata (Gosia) Gasperowicz EdCamp: Grade 10 to 12 English Teachers Red Deer Polytechnic-2220Janine Metzner Word Study in the New ELAL Curriculum (Grades 1-3) Red Deer Polytechnic-2305Karen Filewych Math Games Galore: Having Fun with Math for Division 1! Red Deer Polytechnic-1435Roni Kraut The Psalms, Air Pods, and God Red Deer Polytechnic-2909CGerard Mclarney Productivity and Organization Working at Home, School, and Everywhere In Between Red Deer Polytechnic-932Jaclyn Chute Engaging Experiments For Any Grade Level École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-1208Jason Zackowski Optics and the Human Eye Red Deer Polytechnic-2905Meaghan Sylvester Teslas in the Wild Red Deer Polytechnic-2906Ian Doktor Do Marks Make the Grade? Red Deer Polytechnic-913BDavid Martin How do YOU teach content in Food Studies (or CTS for that matter)?FULL École Secondaire Notre Dame High School-1515Jeff Lerouge Radically Shift What You Do To Excel Red Deer Polytechnic-2205Janine Brisebois Enseigner la littératie en immersion - ce que la recherche nous dit Red Deer Polytechnic-1222Elyse Morin Nourishing our Children’s Mental Health Red Deer Polytechnic-1503Jaleesa Grzech Ten things no one taught you about teaching! Red Deer Polytechnic-2302Susan Carter Daring Classrooms™ Red Deer Polytechnic-1800Kimberly Knull Ocean, Freshwater, & Us Giant Floor Map and Augmented Reality App Red Deer Polytechnic-AC146 Studio AJanice Williams Video Magic Tricks Hunting Hills High School-1324TJ Hartel Esports in Middle School Red Deer Polytechnic-2304Michael Saretzky Establishing Positive HABITS for Strong Fundamental Skills in Beginner Band École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-Band RoomWendy Zander McCallum

10:20am MST

Creative Writing to Cope with Stress and Build Resiliency Red Deer Polytechnic-932Jaclyn Chute Gamification: Turn Your Classroom Into Hogwarts École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-1208Jason Zackowski How to Engage Students Through Classroom Design - Presented by CDI Spaces Red Deer Polytechnic-2602Craig Ward EdCamp: ESL Red Deer Polytechnic-2207Emily Young Word Study in the New ELAL Curriculum (Grades 4-6) Red Deer Polytechnic-2305Karen Filewych The New Code of Professional Conduct. What is it? How does it affect me? Red Deer Polytechnic-2601Christien Perrault AMPLIFYING EQUALITY Red Deer Polytechnic-Art Centre Main StageSHARI GRAYDON - Speaker. Author Students as Change Makers for Healthy Schools Red Deer Polytechnic-2208Ever Active Schools Acrylics and Q-tips Spring ArtFILLING Red Deer Polytechnic-913AChristina Dixon How Mentoring Can Support Teen Mental Health and Wellbeing Red Deer Polytechnic-2301Caroline Gosling Test Anxiety: A Group Plan Red Deer Polytechnic-2505Kris Christianson Forest Bathing and Earthing – Natural Ways to Heal Red Deer Polytechnic-2206Tina Thrussell Literature to Engage Your Students (cross curricular K-9) and Build Your Capacity with TQS #5 Applying Foundational Knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit Red Deer Polytechnic-2901BKerry Aiken Mathematics! All Are Welcome! All Belong! Red Deer Polytechnic-913BDavid Martin Strings + Beads + Numeracy = Amazing Resource Red Deer Polytechnic-1435Roni Kraut Math Therapy: A Crash Course in Becoming a Math Therapist Red Deer Polytechnic-MP Theatre Room 1400Vanessa The Math Guru How to Host A Hackathon! Learning Design in Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Spaces Red Deer Polytechnic-1408Jordan Swanson • Bobbi Belsek PE and Wellness Take Shape with the New K-6 Curriculum Red Deer Polytechnic-1303Tracy Lockwood The Space for Science Red Deer Polytechnic-2906Ian Doktor Social Justice in the New Republic: Plato, Machiavelli, and Catholic Social Justice Red Deer Polytechnic-2909CGerard Mclarney Waves of Innovation Impacting Education Red Deer Polytechnic-1328Paul Bohnert Make Your Own Tipi Red Deer Polytechnic-1205Phillip Campiou OVERWHELMED YET?! Inclusive and Adapted Physical Education That Allows Teachers to Breathe Again Red Deer Polytechnic-2600Brandi Heather Making Fields Real using PlaydoughLIMITED Red Deer Polytechnic-2905Laura Pankratz Rethinking Challenging Kids - An Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving® Red Deer Polytechnic-2501Matt Sticksl

11:15am MST

11:40am MST

High School Teen Mentoring: Did you know students can earn credits? Red Deer Polytechnic-2301Caroline Gosling Bringing Agriculture into the Classroom Red Deer Polytechnic-2208Nanita Blomquist Teaching Data Literacy Through Sports Analytics Red Deer Polytechnic-1408Jordan Swanson • Bobbi Belsek “Where there’s a WIL, there’s a way!" Red Deer Polytechnic-913AHolly Bilton • Tessa Jones • Jennifer Fleckenstein • Kelly Fairall Sport Psychology – Train the Mind, Improve the Performance Red Deer Polytechnic-2505Kris Christianson Understanding UDL Using PBL, CBL and IBL. Red Deer Polytechnic-1328Paul Bohnert The Dark Side of the Force and the Problem of Evil Red Deer Polytechnic-2909CGerard Mclarney Creating a Sustainable Future Together: Engaging Elementary Students in Climate Solutions Red Deer Polytechnic-2216Marie Tremblay Pulse of the Profession: Creating New Spaces for Hope and Resilience Red Deer Polytechnic-Art Centre Main StageDr. Phil McCrae ATRF Your Pension Essentials Red Deer Polytechnic-1437Linda Lau Counting Time Red Deer Polytechnic-2601Christien Perrault Mind Your Money - The Psychology of Saving Red Deer Polytechnic-2302Mark Kalinowski My Retiree Plan Presentation Red Deer Polytechnic-2305Sunny Bruno No More Heebie Jeebies: Normalizing Sexuality Conversations Red Deer Polytechnic-2602AHS Teacher Hacks Red Deer Polytechnic-1222Jennifer Mahal Kids and Grief: Let’s Talk About Death Red Deer Polytechnic-932Jaclyn Chute Learning in the Gardens - a Grade 4 integrated unit Red Deer Polytechnic-2304Sylvia Kennedy • Karen Kenny Create Calm in your Classroom with Sound Red Deer Polytechnic-2206Tina Thrussell Run, Jump & Throw Like a Legend Red Deer Polytechnic-1303Tracy Lockwood Looking Ahead to New ADVENTURES Red Deer Polytechnic-2207Gary Sawatzky Self-Esteem Doesn't Come in a Bottle Red Deer Polytechnic-2303Kelly Falardeau The History of Residential Schools, and Classroom Resource Ideas K-9 Red Deer Polytechnic-2901BKerry Aiken pîmastîhwâkiskiyihta - Weaving Authentic Métis Education Resources into your Classroom Red Deer Polytechnic-1503Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning Aboriginal Games Red Deer Polytechnic- Main GymTerry Lakey ADDICTED TO "LIKES:" THE HEROIN OF SOCIAL MEDIA Red Deer Polytechnic-MP Theatre Room 1400Wade Sorochan Math Games Galore: Having Fun with Math for Division 2! Red Deer Polytechnic-1435Roni Kraut The Cell Deck Building Game École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-1208Jason Zackowski Video Analysis in Science Classes Red Deer Polytechnic-2906Ian Doktor How to teach financial literacy Red Deer Polytechnic-913BMelissa From Remembering the Children: The Red Deer Indian Industrial School - Documentary Film to Use in Classrooms Red Deer Polytechnic-2205Chris Aanderson • Dr. Lyle Keewatin Richards

1:00pm MST

Oil Pastels- Endless PossibilitiesFILLING Red Deer Polytechnic-913AChristina Dixon Incorporating Data Visualization Exercises into your Lessons Red Deer Polytechnic-1408Jordan Swanson • Bobbi Belsek From Anxiety to Empowerment: Engaging Secondary Students in Climate Solutions Red Deer Polytechnic-2216Marie Tremblay Sick Leave Red Deer Polytechnic-2601Christien Perrault Tobacco, Vaping & Cannabis in Schools: Supports for Teachers Red Deer Polytechnic-2901BDarrel Melvin You're More Than Enough Red Deer Polytechnic-2303Kelly Falardeau Self-Harm: A Community Approach Red Deer Polytechnic-2505Kris Christianson Happiness & Emotional Balance Red Deer Polytechnic-MP Theatre Room 1400Susan Agrios The Shop Your Pantry Meal Challenge! Red Deer Polytechnic-1328Louise Labonte • Debra McLennan Classroom and Teaching Strategies for Students with FASD Red Deer Polytechnic-1503Patricia Kincaid Become a Life-Changing Math Teacher in 5 Steps Red Deer Polytechnic-Art Centre Main StageVanessa The Math Guru Math intervention made easy with Cross-Number Puzzles Red Deer Polytechnic-1435Roni Kraut ENCANTO to Tik Tok: Dances for K-12 Phys Ed Red Deer Polytechnic-1303Tracy Lockwood Elves, Orcs, Hobbits and the Meaning of Life According to J.R.R. Tolkien: A Theological Investigation of Middle Earth Red Deer Polytechnic-2909CGerard Mclarney When a Child Receives a Diagnosis: building relationships between school and home. Red Deer Polytechnic-2208Brittany Ouellette Dungeons And Dragons but with Plants. Using Game Theory to teach Plant Systems École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-1208Jason Zackowski The Science of the Flat Earth Red Deer Polytechnic-2906Ian Doktor Linking Sustainability, Technology, Democracy, History & More to Agriculture Red Deer Polytechnic-1437Patricia Ramsay Using Online Simulations to Improve Conceptual Understanding in Math and Science Red Deer Polytechnic-2207Josee Desmeules Immersive Wildlife Education for Your Classroom! Red Deer Polytechnic-2305Braeden Elenko Phone Photography École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-3300Gilles Theriault Documentary Filmmaking: Step by Step through the 48 Hour Film Challenge Red Deer Polytechnic-932Jaclyn Chute Canva in the Classroom Red Deer Polytechnic-1222Jennifer Mahal Sustainable Agriculture - Soil Microorganisms and Growing Mushrooms in Your Classroom Red Deer Polytechnic-2301Dagmar Knutson • Tatenda Mambo Enseigner la littératie en immersion au 2e cycle du primaire- ce que la recherche nous dit Red Deer Polytechnic-2220Elyse Morin How to teach humour for stress relief, life skills and fun! Red Deer Polytechnic-2302Susan Carter Courage to Teach - A Circle of Trust® Retreat for Educators Red Deer Polytechnic-2600Paula Cornell Gifts of Imperfection™ Red Deer Polytechnic-1800Kimberly Knull Tipi Teachings and Balanced Living Red Deer Polytechnic-1205Phillip Campiou You've Got To Be Joking! Red Deer Polytechnic-2501Dan Fraser ACADEMIC TRUST: What It Is and How It Can Close the Achievement Gap. A Guide for Teachers Red Deer Polytechnic-2304Tony Rice

1:30pm MST

2:20pm MST

Oil Pastels- Projects for all seasonsFILLING Red Deer Polytechnic-913AChristina Dixon Edcamp - Cosmetology Red Deer Polytechnic-2208Evelyn Gotell EdCamp:Secondary Art Sharing Session Red Deer Polytechnic-2907Sheena McNiff-Wolfe Paint the Rails ‒ Integrating Stories of Diversity and Resilience in the Classroom Red Deer Polytechnic-2303Tim Chow Relationships or Death ~ You Pick Red Deer Polytechnic-2305Elizabeth Bennett Social Skill Supports for Students with FASD Red Deer Polytechnic-1503Patricia Kincaid Financial Wellness Red Deer Polytechnic-2205Rick Harcourt The 3 R’s: Relax, Renew and Refocus. All you have to do is lie there Red Deer Polytechnic-AC146 Studio ASusan Agrios Bottoms Up – Understanding Canola and Pulses from the Soil Up! Red Deer Polytechnic-1328Debra McLennan • Louise Labonte Simple Dances for Phys Ed: 80s and 90s Edition! (K-12) Red Deer Polytechnic-1303Tracy Lockwood Is climate change racist? Exploring the connections between climate change, racism and reconciliation Red Deer Polytechnic-2216Marie Tremblay Paperless is Not a Pedagogy Red Deer Polytechnic-Art Centre Main StageAlice Keeler UFLI: Implementing in the Classroom Red Deer Polytechnic-2505Ann Gemmell Photography as a Tool for Developing Observational Skills and Self-Awareness Red Deer Polytechnic-932Jaclyn Chute Les outils de simulation Gizmos pour favoriser la compréhension des mathématiques Red Deer Polytechnic-2206Josee Desmeules Success with basic addition and subtraction facts Red Deer Polytechnic-1435Roni Kraut Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Educators Red Deer Polytechnic-1408Jordan Swanson • Bobbi Belsek Teamwork, Inclusion, Diversity and education: A Winning Combination Red Deer Polytechnic-2901BJeff McWhinney The Lion, the Witch, and the Teacher: A Theological Perspective on the Life and Writings of C.S Lewis Red Deer Polytechnic-2909CGerard Mclarney Getting at the Nature of Science by Doing! Red Deer Polytechnic-2905Laura Pankratz • Lindsay Unland Looking for Scientific Literacy in the 21st Century Red Deer Polytechnic-2906Ian Doktor Engaging Students with the Big Ideas of Agriculture Red Deer Polytechnic-1437Patricia Ramsay An Indigenous Veteran War Experience Red Deer Polytechnic-2207Brian St.Germain Joy of Movement (Enhancing Learning) Red Deer Polytechnic-2601Tina Thrussell

3:20pm MST


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