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CATCA recognizes that convention is situated on Treaty 7, South of Red Deer River, the traditional territory of the Blackfoot, Tsuu T’ina, and Stoney Nakoda peoples, and that the North of Red Deer River Treaty 6, traditional Métis, Cree, and Saulteaux territory. We honour the First Peoples who have lived here since time immemorial, and we give thanks for the land.

ATA President Schilling’s 2023 Convention Greeting. WATCH IT HERE!

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Friday, February 24

9:00am MST

Alberta's Landscape in 1Point PerspectiveLIMITED Red Deer Polytechnic-2205Izabella Orzelski Students interests and Curriculum topics – How to blend them Red Deer Polytechnic-932Nikolas Zetouni Next Level Art: Meaning & Mental Health through Hands-On Creativity Red Deer Polytechnic-2901AAlexis Marie Chute Self-care...Now More Than Ever! Red Deer Polytechnic-913BChar Andrew Custom Button Making in the Classroom Central Middle School-113TJ Winn The 4 and 7 of Trauma Red Deer Polytechnic-2220Lee Caine • Dean Pasiuk Integrated Units and Assessment in Middle School Red Deer Polytechnic-2905Tia Vandermeer Morphology in Middle School Red Deer Polytechnic-2906Charlie Kraig Introduction to Computational Thinking with the Northern Coding Academy Red Deer Polytechnic-2901BWhitney Horban Evidence-Based Strategies for Deep Learning Red Deer Polytechnic-2501Presenter F Introduction to EcoSchools in Alberta for Elementary Teachers Red Deer Polytechnic-2305Dixie Taylor Promote Yourself: Resumes and Cover Letters that Get Noticed Red Deer Polytechnic-2600Nancy Luyckfassel Aristotle, Happiness and Teaching Red Deer Polytechnic-1303Tyler Buchan ASEBP Benefit Overview Presentation Red Deer Polytechnic-1435Sunny Bruno ATRF Steps to Receiving Your Pension Red Deer Polytechnic-1503Linda Lau Energize your Life with Body Awake Yoga Red Deer Polytechnic- AC147 Studio BChristina Marlett Help! I don't know how to connect with... Red Deer Polytechnic-1408Kelly Maxwell One Teacher Away - How one educator changed my life Red Deer Polytechnic-Art Centre Main StageSam Demma Where do I start? Differentiated Instruction and Assessment Red Deer Polytechnic-2301Cloke Shelly • AAC Facilitator (TBA) L’enseignement adapté aux différences culturelles   Red Deer Polytechnic-1222Presenter C Winter is a Time for Stories Red Deer Polytechnic-2303Phillip Campiou THINKING THROUGH MATH! How to activate Tacit knowledge through developing a questioning construct in your students. Red Deer Polytechnic-2505Paul Marlett Fun and Games in the Music Room Red Deer Polytechnic-2302Joyce Holoboff Handle with Care: A go-to guide for self care Red Deer Polytechnic-1437Ariel Haubrich Stump the Chaplain! Red Deer Polytechnic-1800Mike Landry Where Staff Believe They Belong Red Deer Polytechnic-2304Nelson Scott Phone photo editing École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-3300Gilles Theriault Art with Punch - Primary Art for Non-Majors Red Deer Polytechnic-2601Carolyn Walker Learn to Sew - BuntingFULL École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-1312Carly Gibson Ocean, Freshwater, & Us Giant Floor Map and Augmented Reality App-Second Run Red Deer Polytechnic-AC146 Studio AJanice Williams The Road to Optimal Health is Paved with Good Intestines! Red Deer Polytechnic-1205Magda Czegledi What Every Educator Needs to Know About Teaching Reading Red Deer Polytechnic-811Sherri Jansen • Christine Squire Improv for All! A Beginner’s Guide Red Deer Polytechnic-2208Kris Christianson Raise your voices! And Write for (a) change! Red Deer Polytechnic-2216Gail Sidonie Sobat 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusive Education Red Deer Polytechnic-913AAlexandra Marshall Trauma-Informed Leadership Red Deer Polytechnic-1328Rochelle Galeski The Importance of Science History integrated into Science Lessons Red Deer Polytechnic-2207Nate Siler Systems for Growth: Organizational and Pedagogical Strategies for Developing Musical Skills École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-Band RoomWendy Zander McCallum Winter Activity Day - Facilitation Skills for Outdoors and ClassroomsLIMITED Camp KuriakosKendra Freeland

10:20am MST

Turning Dots Into A PaintingFULL Red Deer Polytechnic-2205Izabella Orzelski Aligning Current Assessments To New Curriculum Red Deer Polytechnic-2301Cloke Shelly • AAC Facilitator (TBA) Pathways Alliance Red Deer Polytechnic-819Dagmar Knutson • Simon Davies Using Minecraft to Teach Coding! Central Middle School-113TJ Winn Supporting the Anxious Child in School Red Deer Polytechnic-2901BAshley Jordan Hybrid Texts - What are they and how can I teach them? Red Deer Polytechnic-2906Charlie Kraig FIELD Kits - Adaptations Red Deer Polytechnic-1435Kenzie Field 3 Words that will impact your classroom dynamics - HALTSSS, And & WAIT Red Deer Polytechnic-1408Kelly Maxwell A fresh approach: make food literacy part of everyday learning Red Deer Polytechnic-2206Katherine Brandon Ditch the Overwhelm and Be Calm in the Chaos Red Deer Polytechnic-2503Christina Marlett Care and Connect—Social and Emotional Learning: Series Red Deer Polytechnic-2600Presenter G Why Kindness Red Deer Polytechnic-MP Theatre Room 1400Christina Fox Profiter au maximum de sa vie d’enseignant : comment atteindre un bienêtre durable Red Deer Polytechnic-1222Presenter D ‘Educa-shunned’ Observations from the hallway Red Deer Polytechnic-Art Centre Main StageBig Daddy Tazz Smudging Circle Red Deer Polytechnic-2303Phillip Campiou How to engage the "Board" students-Board Games in the Classroom-Part 1 Red Deer Polytechnic-2907Evelyn Chan Teaching Recorders and Loving It Red Deer Polytechnic-2302Joyce Holoboff Essential skills for teaching PE - Simple things that make a HUGE difference in your teaching - Red Deer Polytechnic-2505Paul Marlett Stress, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll: Managing Stress & the Work-Life Balance Red Deer Polytechnic-1437Ariel Haubrich Healthy Grief Conversations that Heal Red Deer Polytechnic-2901AAlexis Marie Chute A Sacred Family Bond Red Deer Polytechnic-1800Mike Landry Unlucky When Hiring? Red Deer Polytechnic-2304Nelson Scott Laboratory Skill Performance Assessments in Chemistry Red Deer Polytechnic-1303Tyler Buchan Introduction to EcoSchools in Alberta for Secondary Teachers Red Deer Polytechnic-2305Dixie Taylor Seeing Queerly Red Deer Polytechnic-913BSarah Beech • Darren Vaast Speech & Language Learning Kits Red Deer Polytechnic-1503Connie Romaniuk Decolonization Skateboards: Exploring Colonialism, Creativity and Reconciliation with Skateboards Red Deer Polytechnic-2905Kristian Basaraba How to talk to kids about racism and discrimination Red Deer Polytechnic-2220Aynsley Graham Intro to Scratch and Scratch Jr Red Deer Polytechnic-932Nikolas Zetouni

11:40am MST

The Art of Writing: Exploring Word-and-Image Pairings in Contemporary Literature Red Deer Polytechnic-2901AAlexis Marie Chute Formative Assessment Techniques Red Deer Polytechnic-1303Tyler Buchan Sex, Drugs and Rock n’Roll: 5 laws your students should care about Red Deer Polytechnic-2208Jessica Steingard • Nathalie Tremblay Overcoming Anxiety Through ArtFULL Red Deer Polytechnic-2205Izabella Orzelski Students with Scars: Understanding Self Injury Red Deer Polytechnic-1437Ariel Haubrich Insight from 9 years teaching in the Blended Home Education Program - how my beliefs about learning changed and insights for traditional teaching. Red Deer Polytechnic-2505Paul Marlett The Science of Reading for French Immersion Teachers Red Deer Polytechnic-2909CCatherine Loor • Lauren Slywka Let’s Take It Outside! Outdoor Learning 101 Red Deer Polytechnic-2216Nicole Chang FIELD Kits - Life Cycles Red Deer Polytechnic-1435Kenzie Field Optimiser l’enseignement et l’apprentissage grâce aux plans de croissance professionnelle Red Deer Polytechnic-1222Presenter E Teachers These Days Red Deer Polytechnic-Art Centre Main StageChristina Fox The Best Daily Self-Care Practices for Increased Vitality, Overflowing Energy and Sky-High Immunity Red Deer Polytechnic-2503Christina Marlett Tapping Into Resilience — Introduction to EFT Tapping for Stress Management Red Deer Polytechnic-1328Carla Dawes Burnout - It’s real AND SILA Skills CAN help! Red Deer Polytechnic-1408Kelly Maxwell Indigenous Matriarchy—Balance Through Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Red Deer Polytechnic-2600Sheila Williams Wahkohtowin Red Deer Polytechnic-2303Phillip Campiou Redefining our Approach to Reading Instruction Red Deer Polytechnic-2301Bonnie Lebowitz Working with Words - Using Morphology to Support Spelling and Vocabulary Development Red Deer Polytechnic-2906Charlie Kraig Library Learning Commons as Essential Physical, Virtual, and Conceptual School Spaces Red Deer Polytechnic-2206Harold Semenuk How to engage the "Board" students - Board Games in the Classroom - Part 2 Red Deer Polytechnic-2907Evelyn Chan Music Listening Comes Alive Red Deer Polytechnic-2302Joyce Holoboff Understanding & Caring for Anxiety in Educators Red Deer Polytechnic-913AVanessa Colombina Becoming Albertan: Youth Socialization Red Deer Polytechnic-2304Tyson Mastel • Jared Wesley Fostering Scientific Literacy: Empower Student Decision Making in Today’s Society Red Deer Polytechnic-1800Helen Yip Art on the Cheap & Leaving a Smaller Footprint - Div II Red Deer Polytechnic-2601Carolyn Walker Harness Your Habits and Improve Your Health Red Deer Polytechnic-1205Magda Czegledi What's it all about? Living a life full of wellness Red Deer Polytechnic-2901BMegan Brain/Shana Fairbank Hope Without Action Is Wishful Thinking Red Deer Polytechnic-811Sean Grainger Science fiction and science non-fiction in science classes. Red Deer Polytechnic-2207Nate Siler

1:00pm MST

Teaching that Sticks: A Workshop on How the Human Brain Learns Best Red Deer Polytechnic-913BChris Mattatall Creating Success Criteria For New Curricular Learning Outcomes Red Deer Polytechnic-2301Cloke Shelly • AAC Facilitator (TBA) You Hold The Pen Red Deer Polytechnic-Art Centre Main StageCheryl Bernard FAILURE... My experience with helping students embrace failure to accelerate learning Red Deer Polytechnic-2505Paul Marlett President Schilling: Unplugged Red Deer Polytechnic-MP Theatre Room 1400Jason Schilling How to Get More Energy (without caffeine!) Red Deer Polytechnic-2503Christina Marlett Wellness - When a bubble bath just isn't enough Red Deer Polytechnic-1408Kelly Maxwell Heart-based meditation in a classroom setting Red Deer Polytechnic-1222Matt Boisvert Powerful Portraits for Self-Reflection, Innovative thinking, and Empathy Building Red Deer Polytechnic-2901AAlexis Marie Chute More Than Words: The Significance of Land Acknowledgements on the Journey of  Truth and Reconciliation Red Deer Polytechnic-2600Brian St.Germain Let’s Take It Outside! Literacy in Your Schoolyard Red Deer Polytechnic-2216Nicole Chang Cross-Curricular Five Senses DrawingLIMITED Red Deer Polytechnic-2205Izabella Orzelski Unpacking the New ELAL 4-6 Curriculum Red Deer Polytechnic-2906Cathy Coers • Charlie Kraig La techno, j’en mange... et j’emprunte! Red Deer Polytechnic-2907Presenter B A Bag of Learning Goodies! Red Deer Polytechnic-2303Chris Zarski Sense making in Junior High Mathematics Red Deer Polytechnic-819Sandi Berg On With the Show - Ideas for Assemblies, Concerts, and Special Days Red Deer Polytechnic-2302Joyce Holoboff The Hunger Games: That Kid’s Just Looking for Attention… Red Deer Polytechnic-1437Ariel Haubrich 97 Staff Recognition Tips in Just 60 Minutes Red Deer Polytechnic-2304Nelson Scott So what are we going to do? Collaborating to Establish a School Wide Continuum of Supports Red Deer Polytechnic-1303Lorna Hewson PVC Science: Stomp Rockets, Marshmallow Blasters and the Science of FlightLIMITED Red Deer Polytechnic-2905Kristian Basaraba FIELD Kits - Woodland Wonders Red Deer Polytechnic-1435Kenzie Field Community Science in the Classroom: How to turn your students into real scientists Red Deer Polytechnic-1800Helen Yip Quilting: Learn to Foundation Paper PieceFULL École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-1312Carly Gibson Parental Separation and Divorce Red Deer Polytechnic-2220Aynsley Graham Stage Combat: A Unit Plan for Drama Classes Red Deer Polytechnic-2208Kris Christianson Chaos to Calm - Tackling the Challenge of Classroom Management Red Deer Polytechnic-2206Carman Murray Cross-Country Skiing Fun! River Bend Golf & Recreation AreaJayme Locke #whatstrending: Digital Literacy & What Students Are Learning Online Red Deer Polytechnic-913ADeanne Vuzi • Gurpreet Kaur Bolina Implementing Virtual Reality in the classroom Red Deer Polytechnic-932Nikolas Zetouni Rejuvenating School Culture ‘Post’ Pandemic Red Deer Polytechnic-1328Margot McKinnon Using Games for ELA Red Deer Polytechnic-1503Michael Saretzky

2:20pm MST

Exciting Positive & Negative Space Drawing And CollageLIMITED Red Deer Polytechnic-2205Izabella Orzelski Utilizing improv as a classroom tool & Starting an improv program at your school Red Deer Polytechnic-2906Tara Koett • Riley Deschambault Let’s Take It Outside! Numeracy in Your Schoolyard Red Deer Polytechnic-2216Nicole Chang FIELD Kits - All About Plants Red Deer Polytechnic-1435Kenzie Field Santé mentale 101 Red Deer Polytechnic-2907Presenter A Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Made Easy Red Deer Polytechnic-2901BMegan Brain/Shana Fairbank Indigenous Mentoring in Schools and Youth Programs Red Deer Polytechnic-1205Tanya Tourangeau The Indian Act—Historical and Contemporary Realities Red Deer Polytechnic-2501Brian St.Germain If Not Now, When Will You Take Time for Your Wellness Red Deer Polytechnic-Art Centre Main StageJoyce Sunada How Assessments Can Help You Differentiate Your Instruction Red Deer Polytechnic-2301Janet Murphy How to Dance a Book Red Deer Polytechnic-2503Christina Marlett BLAST: A Targeted Literacy Intervention Red Deer Polytechnic-2304Nancy MacLellan Promoting oral language in the French Immersion Classroom Red Deer Polytechnic-2302Catherine Loor • Lauren Slywka MAKING Learning Meaningful: Hands on Activities to Spark Creativity, Ignite Conversations and Promote Problem Solving Red Deer Polytechnic-2600Chris Gonsalvez Money, Fractions, Number Lines and Whatever Else is in the Bag to support the New Grade 2 & 3 Math Program. Red Deer Polytechnic-2303Chris Zarski Numerical Fluency: Where the Magic Happens! Red Deer Polytechnic-2601Riwan Prasatya • Yani Pratiwi Sense-making in Grade 4-6 Mathematics Red Deer Polytechnic-819Sandi Berg Creating Self-Directed Learners in Band École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School-Band RoomRyan Heseltine Seeing Sound - an introduction to Cymatics Red Deer Polytechnic-1222Matt Boisvert Ultimate Frisbee In a Day (or hour) Red Deer Polytechnic- Main GymPaul Marlett Living the Warrior's Code Red Deer Polytechnic-1408Scott McDermott An Apple a Day: How technology and the internet affect our health and wellness Red Deer Polytechnic-1437Ariel Haubrich Small Consistent Actions | Inspiring Hope Red Deer Polytechnic-MP Theatre Room 1400Sam Demma Layering Team Meeting Structures to Support ALL Students: How Instructional Leaders Establish the Conditions Red Deer Polytechnic-1303Lorna Hewson Low Cost Labs for Physics 20 and 30 Red Deer Polytechnic-2905Kristian Basaraba Teaching Strategies to Promote EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) in Your Science Classroom Red Deer Polytechnic-1800Helen Yip Creating Next Level Art Exhibitions Red Deer Polytechnic-2901AAlexis Marie Chute

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